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Fundraising at Colfax

Fundraising is critical for us to maintain all of the programs and services that the PTO offers our children. Did you know that the PTO spends about $100.00 on every child at Colfax? Thanks to your support of the PTO, kindergarten through second graders enjoy working and learning about the community garden; a fall trip to the pumpkin farm; field trips to the Frick Environmental Center; annual trips to Frick Mansion, to Heinz Hall, and to the play house; chess instruction; and an end-of-the-year trip to the Carnegie Science Center.

Students in grades 3-5 enjoy Ducky tours and Trolley tours; field trips to the Laurel Caverns and to the wave pool; visits to River Quest, the Science Center, Heinz Hall, and the History Center; a Pitt-CMU architecture tour; a well-stocked Cobra store; sponsorship for the Coding Club, Garden Club, Chorus, Chess Club, Ballroom Dancing; and the annual spelling bee.

Because of the PTO, students in grades 6-8 are able to participate in the Colfax Musical; take advantage of the Cobra store; join the Hip Hop Club, Math Kangaroo, Coding Club, Chess Club, and Science Squad; visit the History Center, the Natural History Museum, and River Quest; perform in the spelling bee; compete in a Shakespeare Contest; and take trips to Meadowcroft and to the wave pool.

The most impressive part - this list isn’t everything! There are many more programs, enrichment opportunities, and field trips that the PTO helps to support each year. Just think, if we didn’t have enough money, what would we have to terminate? Please don’t make us choose.

Memory Tiles

Commemorate your teacher, your class, or your student. Make a great work of art to share with others. These ceramic tiles can become gifts or keepsakes, or they can be mounted in Colfax's entryway to create a life-long memory.

Choose your design using these instructions and return it to the main office. You can submit your payment via check with your order form, or you can pay with the PayPal checkout below. Contact the PTO's VP of Fundraising with any questions.

Memory tile options

Ongoing fundraisers

No-cost Fundraisers

Help Colfax while using products and services you use anyway!

Box Tops For Education

Clip the Box Tops For Education coupon from boxes of General Mills products and send them to school with your student. Colfax earns money for every box top submitted. You can also sign-up online for Box Tops Marketplace and have a percentage of your purchases from dozens of online stores donated to Colfax as well. See the Box Tops product list.

Target Take Charge of Education Program

If you use a Target Red Card or Target VISA Card, you can register for the Take Charge of Education Program. The program donates to schools twice a year based on contributions of up to 1% from the Target card spending of those designating Colfax to receive their donations. Since Colfax first registered for the program, Target has donated $2975.21 to Colfax. The program donated $511.55 to Colfax in September, 2008, and has accumulated approximately $200 toward the spring donation.

This program runs year-round. Enroll your Target Credit Card at Target Take Charge of Education and designate Colfax by entering your Red Card or Target Visa number, followed by the Colfax id, 90929. You can check amounts the school has earned by visiting this link and entering 90929 in the "Target School id" field and clicking on "Check Progress."

Designating a school does not reduce any other perks like the Target Rewards program. As with many of these fund raising programs, friends and family members can register their Target cards for credit to Colfax too.